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The NBA Sucks, Part 539

Need any more proof that the NBA is in terrible shape? Look no further than the Pistons-Pacers series finale. The New York Times said that "both teams missed all sorts of easy shots, including layups and wide-open midrange jumpers."

Ugh. That's pathetic. Wait, it gets worse:

The Pistons at one point shot 5-31, and the Pacers went six minutes without a basket.

In the NBA? World B. Free must be laughing in his beer somewhere. What has happened to this league? It's beyond ridiculous.

Kid Rock showed up and carried a flag around the court with the Pistons up by six with 46 seconds left. Back in the day, the other team - whoever it was - would have been angered enough to scare the bejesus out of the Pistons after that stunt.

Two things should happen: first, the NBA should institute something similar to mandatory testing in public schools. If you can't dribble with both hands, if you can't bank a shot, don't know how to do a bouncepass or a pick and roll, you don't play.

And second, fans should consider a class-action lawsuit, because with this kind of lame-ass excuse for the world's greatest game, the NBA is committing fraud.

All we can see when we close our eyes is Kobe Bryant running to almost half-court with .4 seconds left, Gary Payton watching Tim Duncan's miracle hit, without moving to's all enough to make you sick.

We'll reiterate this, too: the best basketball players in the world are in the NBA, and some of them will win the Gold medal this summer. Just probably not whoever the U.S. sends.