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Not Our Favorite Rumor

This rumor keeps popping up and it's a bit jarring for Duke fans, and maybe
for some UNC fans as well: Steve Spurrier, who was thoroughly detested in Chapel
Hill, is
rumored to be interested in the job as soon as John Bunting screws things up
badly enough.

That would require a mindset adjustment of disturbing proportions.
Spurrier, though he left Duke, has a long-standing affection for the school. He
always, whimsically, voted for Duke in the Top 25 polls, and his son was

Yet, his genius for pissing opposing schools off is second only to his
offensive brilliance. Would he pick on Duke? Would Duke fans detest
him, despite the title he brought to Durham when it seemed impossible?

If it happens, it's going to be interesting. Of course, if John Bunting wins
seven games, the whole idea is moot.