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Padgett To UNC?

Despite insistences by his dad that his son would not be going to UNC to play
for Roy Williams, Kansas transfer David Padgett, who has been released from his
scholarship by Kansas, is
considering the Tar Heels after all,
which leads to a logical question: a
parent or guardian has to sign for a high school kid when he accepts a
scholarship. But what about when he transfers? Or is it just for kids
under 18? Also: UNC had no scholarship to offer until JR Smith decided on the NBA.

In the big scheme of things, it makes no difference, but it'll make big
difference in Lawrence. Roy Williams, once an unassailable figure at
Kansas, is going to be hung out to dry by Jayhawks partisans. And who will
benefit? Bill Self, who had a tough year in some respects, following
Williams. But he's there, and he's happy to be there, and Roy is in Chapel
Hill. Here's
more from the Herald-Sun.