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Olympic Basketball Blues, And Swimming Thrills

Like a lot of people, we're a bit distressed at the people who are bailing on the Olympic team. However, this year is a bit different, with not just the terrorism issue so large, but also the concerns that Greece may not be ready to protect the athletes. That's a legitimate worry, and while we want the best players to go, if they think their lives are at risk, you know, you can't blame them for staying home. And who could be a bigger target - literally and figuratively - than an NBA player? Shaq is the biggest human you can imagine.

It's nice that some people are totally focused on going, though, like Michael Phelps, who could be huge. A swimmer who is being compared to Mark Spitz, we first became aware of Phelps when we found out that he was on the same swim team as Emily Goetsch, son of former Duke center Scott Goetsch. Keep an eye on him; he could be a great one.