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Capel Sticks With VCU, And VCU With Capel

Jeff Capel made, we thought, a wise decision in not going to Auburn, but we
thought his comments about why he decided to stay at VCU
were striking and not in line with modern thinking at all:

"Basically, it came down to my love for this university, my love for my
players, and my commitment to the two men that believed in me (Dr. Eugene P.
Trani, VCU's president, and Dick Sander, the athletic director)...These two guys
took a chance on me when it was very unpopular to do that. That means a lot to

VCU is reworking his contract and offering him a six-year deal and a
significant raise.

For a coach to talk about loyalty, given what little loyalty they get when
things get tough, is impressive. We think Jeff has a brilliant future, but if he
does have a tough stretch at VCU, we sincerely hope the loyalty runs both
ways. They've got a gem of a coach and of a person.