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The Curry Family Opens Up

Curry camp is talking more,
and you have to respect the father, who seems to
be dealing with this fairly well. JamesOn is somewhat up and down,
insisting on the one hand that "I would have loved to go to UNC, but I blew it. I'm accepting the punishment, but it's time to move on. No time to pout. That part is over with. It's time to prove people wrong and bounce back from this."

But then he also says "I'm going to feel comfortable [with a school]. I'm just waiting to let a [school] know that I'm a good person and not like the images associated with these accusations."

Well, they're not accusations; he's a convicted drug dealer. And as Bob
Gibbons tells the N&O, "I don't think there are a lot of coaches who want to go to their admissions office and say 'drug
dealer.' "

Fair enough and true enough.

Still, dealing drugs in Burlington is not exactly the same thing as dealing
drugs in, say, Cleveland or San Francisco. We do think that Curry should
get a second chance somewhere, and if he has to go to Hargrove and wait a year,
that's better than sitting in prison. And the reason that he's not sitting
in prison is because he is still a kid with a future. If we had been the
judge, we might have made solid academic achievements part of his probation,
just to ensure that he works hard to achieve his future, but it doesn't really
benefit anyone to stick him under the jail because he sold nickel bags to
country kids in Burlington. That's an admittedly flippant statement, but
still, it's not like he is a major threat to anyone. Seventeen-year-old
boys need direction, not jail time.