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Some General Recruiting Notes

Here are some general recruiting notes and updates.

Clemson is in the process of seriously upgrading their talent, and one key
part of that is Cheyenne Moore. At 6-6, Moore has a 7-1 wingspan, and is
building a rep as an incredible dunker.

As expected, Jim Nystrom has left Georgia Tech and will likely play professionally
in Sweden. This will open a scholarship Tech would like to use for Randolph

Looks like UNC and Alabama are co-leaders
for Richard Hendrix.

The hits keep coming for Billy Donovan, who just lost Ryan Appleby and Rashid
Al-Kaleem, both of whom are transferring. Appleby
is going to the University of Washington.
He may also lose Anthony
Roberson, who is considering the NBA despite not being projected as a high
pick. Florida has one scholarship to give, but has to get an exception to
the 5/8 rule, and that can't be gained until the final grades for Appelby and
Al-Kaleem are in. This after Christian Drejer bailed in mid-season.

One logical target might be PG Denis Clemente, a Puerto Rican native playing
in Miami, but Arkansas
appears to have made great inroads there.

This is off-beat, but if you're recruiting, wouldn't
you like to introduce yourself as Coach Champion?