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JamesOff - Curry Offer Withdrawn By UNC

JamesOn Curry won't be going to UNC next year - the Heels have announced they are withdrawing their scholarship offer after his drug conviction.

Next up: a line of coaches who will argue that Curry is a good kid who deserves a second chance. Don't be shocked to see Bob Huggins making a pitch, and don't be surprised if, say, Virginia Tech sees a quick way to upgrade their backcourt. They signed a kid from the Tidewater region, if we recall correctly, named Marquie Cooke, who is quite good. That kid and Curry would likely give them an ACC-level backcourt and would help them to hit the ground running.

On the other hand, they have a lot of guards already, so Curry might have to look a bit harder to play in the ACC, assuming he still wants to.