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Capel Linked To Miami, Auburn Positions

Here's the latest on Jeff Capel: Auburn is definitely interested, and
flew him in for an interview on Monday.
is also interested,
and if he took that job, he'd be the first Duke player
or assistant to coach against Duke on a regular basis, with the 'Canes
moving to the ACC.

The ACC angle may be trumped by financial constraints: with the ACC entry
fee, the Big East exit fee, and buying out Perry Clark's contract, they probably
can't match the money that Auburn can toss out.

Meanwhile, VCU has offered
Capel a significant raise
to stick around.

Decisions, decisions! We've been pretty consistent about not liking the
Auburn situation. Miami is different, though. They've got a new gym,
a new conference, and a real focus on winning now. The pressure there
would be, we think, less than at Auburn, and the recruiting territory is just
about as good, if not actually better. Plus we happen to think that the
Hurricanes have a fairly sharp A.D.

Whatever Jeff decides to do, we're sure he'll do well.