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JamesOn Curry Gets A Break

JamesOn Curry has
escaped serious legal punishment
for his crimes involving marijuana
distribution. He has a number of conditions attached to his probation, but
he can play college basketball next fall. The question still is where. UNC
hasn't commented on his status yet. We'll be somewhat surprised if they
take him, given how image-conscious UNC is. We're not saying that
gleefully. We're glad they are. We wish more schools were. Gregg
"Popeye" Doyel says Ol' Roy Williams has made his decision, but won't
announce it until he talks to Curry. According to Doyel, UNC athletes
convicted of felonies are permanently ineligible, and Curry's case is expected
to set the precedent for recruits.

As for Curry, we hope he knows how lucky he is. Getting rejected by UNC is
the least of his worries. Here's
another general link.