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Let's Go Tech!

We're going to pull like heck for Georgia Tech on Monday night. We'd love to see another ACC team win - that would make three ACC winners in the last four years.

Unfortunately, history is against Tech: teams which defeat Duke usually win the title. Consider:

  • 1986 - Louisville
  • 1987 - Indiana
  • 1988 - Kansas
  • 1989 - Seton Hall (one bad call from the title)
  • 1990 - Vegas
  • 1994 - Arkansas
  • 1998 - Kentucky
  • 1999 - UConn

In years when the team which eliminates Duke doesn't win the title, they generally finish second, like Kansas last year, Seton Hall in '89, and Florida a few season's back as well.

We'll see. But as we said, while we're hoping for an ACC win, history would seem to be on UConn's side.