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Sunday's Linkage

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Duke ACC
Added 44//04
  1. Rare disintegration for Duke in last ticks
  3. Okafor comes up big
  4. Fouls sap Duke's strength at the end
  5. Duke sent home
  6. While Duke's Duhon Is Overlooked, UConn's Okafor Accelerates to ...
  7. It's Tech, UConn
  8. Center's Stage
  9. In a Test Of Strength, Okafor Lifts The Huskies
  10. The Return of Okafor Spells Doom for Duke
  11. UConn's win a good
  12. Blue Devils Conn-sumed
  13. Middle Management
  14. Final Four Notebook
  15. March Madness - ACC ruling the money game
  16. Memory lapses do trick for Redick
  17. Bitter End- Devils wind up stunned
  18. Officially frustrating
  19. Okafor's Return Lifts UConn to Final
  20. Connecticut Stays Patient
  21. UConn wins a classic, stops Duke again
  22. Duke's sharpshooter misfires, for once
  23. 10 reasons to Love and Hate Duke
  24. Officials replaced Okafor as the center of attention
  25. Duke watches title dreams fall apart late
  26. Dascenzo- Blue Devils blew this one
  1. Litke- No More Questions About Hewitt
  2. Lucas, Cowboys Fall Short in Final Four
  3. Underdog Georgia Tech to face U-Conn in NCAA finals
  4. Georgia Tech beats Oklahoma State, 67-65
  5. Georgia Tech trumps Oklahoma State on way to title game
  6. Hewitt Will Remember the Alamodome
  7. No more questioning whether Hewitt belongs
  8. Georgia Tech barks loudly in underdog role
  9. Hewitt's moves sting Sutton, put Jackets in title game
  10. Different kind of Madness
  11. Hewitt never planned to leave Tech
  12. Hewitt a perfect fit for Georgia Tech
  13. Humble Hewitt wins his way
  14. Big Aussie Comes Up Big for Georgia Tech