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D.C., Reconsidered

Some of you thought we were a bit hard on Washington in the Our Call
published April 28th. D.C. is a great city, albeit with a lot of
problems. Nonetheless, it has a lot to offer, and we probably spoke too

And with the certain addition of Alana Beard, and the likely addition of Luol
Deng (as a reader pointed out,
is not absolutely a reliable source, but when you look at who comes behind Deng
in the draft, who could possibly push past him? Then again, it's the Wizards, so
anything is possible) to the city's life, things look better, particularly for
Duke-oriented folks. Both of them are very impressive young people with
wonderful futures in front of them. D.C. is lucky to have Alana, and will
probably be thrilled to have Luol as well, should they be so lucky.