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More On Livingston

No matter what Shaun Livingston decides to do, we've
been immensely impressed by his father and grandfather.
You may have
seen some comments, but in an article posted Sunday on the Winston-Salem
Journal's site, his father, Reggie, really showed his character. Check out
these comments:

"I don't care about any $20 million. It's not about money. I'm tired of the rumors that I want my kid to go pro, that I want his money. I don't need Shaun to make the NBA. I love my son. I'm happy.

"I've been offered money, houses, cars. I was offered a million dollars (by a man who wanted) to be his agent. I won't say who. But what would I do that? Why would I sell my soul and my kid to the devil?

"I've always wanted my kid to go to college. He needs to go to Duke to get his education and so Coach K can teach him how to be a leader."

Add this to his grandfather's recent comments, and it's plain to see that
Shaun is a very lucky kid. Not only does he have two strong men in his
life who deeply care about him, they are not about to sell him out. He may
yet to decide to jump, and that's his decision, as he rightly says. But
pretty clearly, his father and grandfather aren't impressed by the slicksters
and hustlers who want a piece of this kid. Unlike a lot of families, they
seem to recognize that a lot of people will use Shaun and spit him out when
they're done. It's really a shame more families don't have this kind of
heart. At least this kid knows who he can trust.

"We think of it like the Duke basketball team. They come out and take the first five or 10 minutes and not just try to beat you, but demoralize you.

Marshall coach John Mercer.