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Introducing Capel.Net!

Jeff Capel is as nice a guy as you could want to meet - he's
humble, sincere, and honest, and also a heck of a coach. He does have one
small problem at VCU: not only does he have to recruit against major powers, but
he has to work with a much smaller budget. And that's where you guys come in!

If you see an article in your local paper about a kid who
maybe could be a sleeper, send it to us and we'll pass it on. You probably
have a pretty good idea what we're looking for - the guy who grew five inches
over the summer, the foreign exchange student who can't play because of the high
school regulations, the football player who is a tremendous athlete but who plays basketball because he just likes the game better, a 6-3 guy with size 19 shoes (he's about to grow off the charts), the guy who has a phenomenal
work ethic - basically, guys who have significant potential to be better than
people think they are, but who may not be on the national radar yet.

Send them to us so that coaches like Matt Doherty (he used to read this site, and maybe still does for all we know) don't poach the links, and we'll forward them to Jeff.
Please use
this header
so that we keep it straight.

Who knows? If you get lucky, you might find the next David Robinson or Dennis
Rodman. Okay, reality check: the talent of Dennis Rodman.