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The All-DBR Team

We're a bit late for this this year, but we'd like to announce our All-DBR
Team. The All-DBR Team is basically just players from other ACC schools we
really like and admire. So with no futher ado:

  • Ilian Evtimov, NC State: we have admired him since we saw him
    totally kick Eddy Curry's butt in the Tournament of Champions. He's
    savvy, smart, and relentless.
  • Jackie Manuel UNC: the guy had a tough two years under Doherty, but
    so did everyone else. He has really adapted to a new system and been a great
    player for his coach. We have total admiration for his willingness to
    be coached, not to mention his defense, which is superb.
  • Devin Smith, UVa: any guy who plays with a ruptured disk
    earns our intense admiration. He's unbelievable.We get a back spasm,
    we can't tie our shoes. Hats off to him.
  • Engin Atsur: he's really a skilled, smart player, and can stick
    the knife in pretty much at will, when thing are going his way. He's
    also a brilliant passer at times. We watched him a couple of times
    when he just hit three or four great assists in a row. Nice game.
  • Chris Paul: the guy is just amazing. We really, really
    admire him a lot. Aside from immense talent, he has serious charisma, which
    we really enjoy as well, even though we're not Wake Forest fans.
  • Tim Pickett: someone told us once that we'd be amazed how many
    basketball players don't actually like basketball that much.
    We're guessing that isn't an issue with Pickett. He plays with an immense
    enthusiasm. It's just fun to watch him.