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Duke Cleared on Maggette

David Price yesterday announced that Duke would receive no punishment for Maggette's receiving money from a summer league coach while he was in high school. The standard applied was whether an institution (Duke) knew of the money, or should have known, or whether or not Corey Maggette knew, or should have known, he was ineligible.

The decision is in line with those who for Missouri and UCLA, who also played players who received money from Myron Piggie. Neither school was placed on probation or otherwise penalized, though the players in question were ordered to sit out a number of games to restore their eligibility.

This followed a hateful screed that appeared on the college basketball page of, making the apples to oranges comparison of probations given to schools when their players received money while at school, and demanding the same punishment for Duke, even though Maggette did not receive money while at Duke, and Maggette's cohorts punishments did not include punishments for the universities.