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Capel Set To Dance!

Congratulations to Jeff Capel! The
VCU Rams are in the tournament
after an eight year drought. They had a
dramatic win in the CAA - and remember, you can't spell NCAA without CAA - when
a walk-on freshman hit two free throws with 1.5 left for a 55-54 lead.

Jeff is now a hero at VCU, to say the least, and a rising star
in his profession. For all those who doubted him when he was hired,
including the guy who wrote the article linked above, that's over. For VCU,
the problem now is retaining him, because a lot of schools are going to go after

Now here's a trivia question: has anyone ever gone from
playing in the tournament to coaching in the tournament any faster? What
is it, seven years? That's pretty amazing.

VCU will certainly go as a low seed, possibly a 16th, and if
they did, the committee will almost certainly have them play Duke.

No doubt he'll be too busy to read them, but why not take a
minute and congratulate
We'll forward them to him as we get them. We couldn't
be prouder of him, and we're sure you feel the same way.