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ACC Roundup

There's not really a whole lot of ACC news today,
other than the pairings and Maryland's win over Virginia.
The Terps
now have an excellent shot at the NCAAs again. We'd like to think UVa
might get lucky and get in, but it's a longshot at this point. Shavlik
Randolph thinks this year's tournament could
be one of the great ones.
Everyone should be toughened
up and ready.

In other ACC news, conference honors will be announced, starting on Monday.

Former ACC assistant -we're thinking Clemson but it might have been Maryland
- Sherman
Dillard resigned at James Madison
after a 93-106 record.

Phil Ford, who should know, says that the
ACC has its best-ever crop of point guards.
In '75, the ACC had Ford, John
Lucas, Monte Towe, Skip Wise, Skip Brown, Billy Langloh...we are trying to
remember Duke's point at the time. Kevin Billerman? It was a dark time in
Duke hoops, maybe the darkest. So today we have: Duhon, Felton,
Paul, Nate Johnson, John Gilchrist, Jarrett Jack, T.J. Bannister....that's
pretty amazing, really.

And speaking of amazing, did anyone else's jaw drop on that funky Felton move
to the basket in the second half of the Duke-UNC game? They showed the UNC bench
and Ol' Roy was just chuckling, while Jacike Manuel held his hands out as if to
say, "what can you do?"