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The women have won their fifth consecutive ACC Championship. That's 15 consecutive wins in the ACC Tournament. No one has done that before.

Later this week, the men go to defend their five tournament streak. That's right, the last 10 ACC basketball titles, men or women, have all been won by Duke. Thirty consecutive wins in ACC Basketball Tournament games. If the men win the sixth in a row, is that a ring for the big toe?

As Duke fans, we live in a truly privileged time, feasting on win after win for the men and the women. At the moment it feels like it can go on for ever, and we hope it does, but we also know that it can't. One tournament upset, and the streak is over. In our hyper-competitive league, that's not impossible or even improbable. Either way, at some point it will end.

Twenty years from now, we may look back at this time and see it as the Golden Age of Duke Basketball, and we hope that when the era ends, it ends in the same style as it began, with pride and dignity.

Until then, we live for the moment! We've got the best basketball program in the ACC, and perhaps the best in the nation. Here's to more success this year, and in the future.