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ACC Roundup

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Today's ACC Roundup will be minimal because last night's game
kept us going quite late. So here it is.

Conf. Overall
Duke 13-3 25-4
NC State 11-5 19-8
Georgia Tech 9-7 22-8
Wake Forest 9-7 19-8
North Carolina 8-8 18-9
Virginia 6-9 16-10
Maryland 6-9 15-11
Florida State 6-10 18-12
Clemson 3-13 10-17

Congrats to State for a superb performance against Wake
Forest. Everything Wake tried, State answered. It was
tremendous. Julius Hodge deserves all the credit he gets. He's become a
great player. But one question: what's up with the bony elbows?
Julius is always throwing them at someone, and it's getting kind of ridiculous,
not least of all because he's as skinny as a knife and not nearly as sharp.

And FSU showed a lot of guts in their loss to Tech, or at
least Tim Pickett did, playing on a bum ankle.

Despite there being just one game left to play, the final tournament seedings
won't be decided until tomorrow. Check out the almost-final standings -
what an amazing year this has been.