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ACC Roundup

The end to the
most delicious ACC season we can recall
is upon us: this weekend, 2-7 will
be decided. Duke is 1st and Clemson is last, and everything else is up for
grabs, including, for FSU, Uva, and Maryland, NCAA bids.

Sat NC State @ Wake Forest 1:30 PM CBS
Sat FSU @ Ga.Tech 4:30 PM RSN
Sat UNC @ Duke 9:00 PM ESPN
Sun Virginia @ Maryland 8:00 PM FSN
Conf. Overall
Duke 12-3 24-4
NC State 10-5 18-8
Wake Forest 9-6 19-7
Georgia Tech 8-7 21-8
North Carolina 8-7 18-8
Florida State 6-9 18-11
Virginia 6-9 16-10
Maryland 6-9 15-11
Clemson 3-13 10-17

There are great stories everywhere: in the death grip
between UVa and Maryland over an NCAA bid, who will prevail? Will Todd Billett
get another chance to win a game? Can State arrest its late slide?
Can FSU, in the crunch, win on the road? Can Tech stave off a post-Duke

It's just been an amazing ACC season, and we'll never see another like it,
unless Miami and Virginia Tech get religion, and B.C. decides to move south.
Hey, you never know. Wake Forest used to be in Wake Forest.

Anyway, we're just happy to be ACC fans. Stanford and St. Joe's have a
lot of excitement currently, and understandably, since both are
undefeated. But they couldn't do it in this conference, and no one has
even suggested that they might.

On another note, it's time to start thinking about All-ACC. Our

  • Shelden Williams
  • Chris Duhon
  • Luol Deng
  • JJ Redick
  • Daniel Ewing

Just kidding! But in all seriousness, you can't look at that list and
say none of them belong on the first, second, or third team.

This year is brutal. For instance, how can you not put Todd Billett
somewhere? He's had a huge, albeit late impact. And Luke Schencher
is under-appreciated, but who would you bump for him?

Who rates higher - Jarrett Jack, Raymond Felton, or Chris Paul? And if
Evtimov isn't somewhere, it's a crime.

At least 20 players are entirely deserving, and five will get shot
down. It's really too bad.

Incidentally, congratulations to Julius Hodge, who ESPN named as a first-team