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Where To Watch In The UK

From the mailbag!
With reference to your article on watching outside of the US, I live in the UK and have been enjoying almost every game on a channel called NASN (North American Sports Network). I have cable service with Telewest, but I am sure it is available with most cable services. They will be showing all of the ACC Tourney games, and the NCAA games, so people still have the opportunity to sign up and watch it. They are showing the Carolina game at 11 AM Sunday, and again at 5 AM Monday (The complete schedule can be found at

For those without the means to have cable, they can also go to the Sports Cafe in central London, between Picadilly Circus and Trafalagar Square, which I understand shows a lot of games and caters to the American expat population.

Thanks for the great site, and go to hell Carolina!!