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ACC Roundup

After their big win in Durham, Georgia Tech's team knows
a letdown is possible
, and are trying to avoid it.

You have to scroll down a bit, but there's a mention in this
article of a
potential sleeper at UVa
, 6-10 Tunji Soroye.

And speaking of UVa, we kind of liked Todd Billett, but there's
a lot more to him than we realized
. Nice read. You'll remember
his series of dramatic, game-winning three-pointers, but you might forget that he
also made the pass
to Devin Smith for the basket that topped Wake
Forest. And finally, in the previous article, he has really nice things to
say about Roy Williams.

And given UVa's and Maryland's late revivals, it is possible -
though certainly unlikely - that the ACC might get eight bids. The
invaluable ACC resource
Al Featherston has more.
FSU, UVa, and Maryland might
not all make it
. But they shouldn't all miss, either.

Here's a bit on Wake's Vytas Danelius and what
happened after his T the other day.