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Help the Phalanx

The grad student Phalanx has been entered in a contest sponsored by, and with a little help from DBR readers they could win up
to $1000. They are four poor doctoral students in real life, so they would REALLY like to pick up this extra cash. After all, a grand translates into a lot of
ramen noodles!

It's easy to help us, AND IT'S FREE!

Here's the skinny for the readers...

  1. Go to href=
  2. Click on the picture of the four fat weirdos wearing Duke blue and wacky headgear.
  3. Download the free wallpaper. You can delete it right away for all they care, they just need people to download it.
  4. Feel a pleasant sense of self-satisfaction wash over you.

If they get more downloads than anyone else, they win. There should be a few other Dukies in the contest, feel free to download those guys, too.