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ACC Roundup

Maryland's stirring upset of State once again tossed the ACC
race - and potential NCAA bids - into turmoil. God Bless The ACC!

Conf. Overall
Duke 12-3 24-4
NC State 10-5 18-8
Wake Forest 9-6 19-7
Georgia Tech 8-7 21-8
North Carolina 8-7 18-8
Florida State 6-9 18-11
Virginia 6-9 16-10
Maryland 6-9 15-11
Clemson 3-13 10-17

Duke has clinched first, thanks to Maryland. State and
Wake play this weekend, at Wake, and the Deacs can tie for second. But if
the Deacs lose and Tech beats FSU, then they tie for third place. If Tech
beats FSU and UNC beats Duke, then they tie. If FSU loses, then
whoever loses the Maryland-Virginia game ties with them, and whoever
loses the tie-breaker goes into the play-in game.

So, going into the final game, the only absolute certainty is
that Duke is first and Clemson is last.

All we can say is, what an amazing season this has been, and
whoever thought football could be more important? This is great stuff.

The last real question remaining is simple: who gets left
out? Now, FSU and Maryland have solid arguments, and if Virginia wins this
weekend, they'll be hard to deny, too, though their RPI ranking is a good bit
lower. But the committee apparently likes momentum, and UVa definitely has

Today marks a sad day in one respect: the Washington Post has
made it impossible to go to their site without enabling all cookies, and that's
just not right. We don't mind registering, we don't mind enabling cookies for
sites we permit, but why should we enable all cookies just to visit the
Post? Unfortunately, the only solution we can think of is to create an
entirely dishonest profile, then allow all cookies in that profile, and use that
profile to visit jerk sites like the Post. If they didn't have a great
sports page, we'd never bother. So for the record, we are now a 90-year-old
retired woman as far as The Post is concerned.

No more games until Saturday, and only four left in this most extraordinary
round-robin finale.

This is funny: UVa's revival? Gillen
doesn't have a clue why it's happening.