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St. John's Player Alleges Payola

A suspended St. John's player
says he was paid by a member of the staff.
Abraham Keita, a native of
West Africa, is also considering filing suit in federal court, saying that he
was "the unworthy recipient of racially disparate disciplinary treatment,"
according to his attorney, which either means he is accusing his former coach,
African-American Mike Jarvis, of racism, or interim coach Kevin Clark, or
perhaps both. It's not clear what this is about, but perhaps it involves
his problems from the well-documented issue with the prostitute and the trip to
Pitt and how he was subsequently disciplined.

Look, we're not kids, and we'd never say it could never happen, but given
what we know about Mike Jarvis, it seems unlikely. And furthermore, if he
was paying players, why the hell didn't he get better players? He was
fired because his team sucked and because he had poor relations with city
coaches. So, again: in this context, does a payola allegation make any sense at

If you want to know who is cheating, since you can't directly follow the money, always, always, follow sudden flows of talent.