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Keady Moving On?

There is a possibility now that Gene
Keady may leave Purdue for San Francisco
. We've heard that hsi
relationship with Purdue is not that great, and an exit to San Francisco might
work out great for everyone: he gets to retire in a great city, when he finishes
there, San Francisco gets a big name, and Purdue gets to start over. Most
of the names that have been mentioned have direct Purdue connections, including
Steve Lavin. But this would be precisly the kind of job we'd hope Jeff
Capel would get a sniff from. Certainly it's a better platform than Auburn.

Purdue, really, is a sleeping giant. Keady's style has lulled everyone
to sleep, but Purdue has a brilliant basketball tradition, and with the right
coach, could be a Top 10 team again. Jeff Capel is young, but he's shown
great talent, and if Purdue will look past his youth - or, better yet, look at a
30+year coach - they might have a great on on their hands.