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Friday's Linkage

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Duke ACC National
Added 3/26/04
  1. Inside the Lines- Illinois vs. Duke
  2. Duke notebook- Duke deals with public's distaste
  3. 'Anybody but Duke-' Devils make us do it
  4. Duke hopes for sweet success tonight
  5. Damaged Duhon soldiers on
  6. Guards expected to be in spotlight
  7. Williams at center of Illini's attention
  8. Trio has Illini clicking
  9. Duke vs. Illinois
  10. Coach K untroubled by nation's opinion
  11. Duhon savors the moment
  12. Underdog Illinois barking
  13. Whiny, smug Coach K just doesn't get it
  14. Dascenzo- Deng producing at the right time
  15. Nothing sweet about it for Duke
  16. Fans love to shout at the Devils
  17. Duhon gaining strength
  18. In dreams- Dockery, Brown friends, rivals
  19. Illinois motivated by Duke's image
  20. Dominant Duke, Illinois ready to play
  21. Redick, Duke embrace the role of villain
  22. Duke-haters justified, not jealous
  23. Michael Rosenberg | Illini last hope for Big Ten
  24. Weber not considering coaching change
  25. Coach K's team justifies No. 1 seed
  26. Duke Remains the Team That Teams Want to Beat
  27. Duke's Duhon plays through pain
  28. Duhon is feeling better every day as the Blue Devils prepare to take on Illinois in the Sweet 16 IMPROVEMENT
  29. Duke's Dockery may get taste of spotlight
  30. No one's picking Xavier, Illinois
  31. Deng's versatility puts fear in Illinois
  32. Illinois puts hopes on shoulders of
  33. Ready to rumble
  34. Fans dress up the Dome
  35. HUMMER- Duke can lose but won't

  1. Deacons done in by 3s
  2. Saint Joseph's 84, Wake Forest 80
  3. Jackets face Nevada Wolfpack in NCAA "Sweet 16"
  4. Georgia Tech Finds Its Ticket
  5. Notes- Big men on campus highlight Tech-Nevada matchup
  6. Doherty can get job doneSaint
    Joseph's 84, Wake Forest 80
  7. Oklahoma
    State Holds Off Pittsburgh 63-51
  8. Connecticut
    Dominates Vanderbilt 73-53
  9. Deacons fall short
  1. Preseason workouts allowed for Blazers' relentless pressing
  2. Nevada
    is more than one-game wonder

  3. Cinderella
    usually turns into Sweet 16 pumpkin

  4. Eustachy
    named at Southern Miss

  5. Gordon
    sparks Connecticut to rout of Vandy

  6. Oklahoma
    State tops Pittsburgh

  7. Defense
    leads hard-working UAB into semifinal battle with Kansas

  8. Texas'
    Mouton says he cranks game up a notch
  9. Parity doesn't mean NCAA talent is diminished
  10. Mid-majors have closed the gap
  11. Connecticut
    Dominates Vanderbilt 73-53
  12. Alabama's Run Topples Syracuse's Title Defense

  13. St. John's Should Lower Sights to Raise Program