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Thursday's Linkage

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Duke ACC National
Added 3/25/04
Men's Links
  1. Duke, Illinois on guard
  2. Illini getting their act straight
  3. Fighting Illini must control Duke inside
  4. Expect Illini to surprise Blue Demons
    (Blue Demons?)
  5. Fighting Illini must control Duke inside
  6. Illinois not intimidated by Duke
  7. For Illinois against Duke, key is outside looking in
  8. Fighting Illini must control Duke inside
  9. It's no secret guards the key behind March wins
  10. It's no secret guards the key behind March wins
  11. Press Conference- Coach K
  12. Illini guards don't mind sharing
  13. Shooting for more success

Women's Links

  1. Goestenkors- 'I believe we are going to win a national championship'
  2. Seniors have little time for reflection

  1. Tech
    to lock up Hewitt with new deal
  2. Fabulous freshman ready for his close-up
  3. Paul grows up fast
  4. Levy says he is OK to play
  5. 1. Saint Joseph's vs. 4. Wake Forest
  6. Williams still confident Heels will return intact
  7. UNC- Gone, but not forgotten
  8. Williams reviews stressful season
  9. Roy Williams Postseason Quotes
  10. Seminoles' Pickett Earns All-America Honorable Mention Honors
  11. Heart and soul
  12. Role reversal for St. Joseph's-Wake Forest-
  13. Fired-up St. Joe's faces Prosser, Wake Forest
  14. Saint Joe's vs. Wake Forest- It's personal
  15. High expectations for Wake Forest and Paul
  16. WAKE FOREST- He's a Demon on offense
  17. Williams gives Wake Forest a physical inside presence
  18. Wake Forest needs 'Big E' to stay out of foul trouble
  19. Cook- Prosser has no regrets for staying at Wake Forest
  20. Freshman leading the way for Wake Forest
  21. He has firmly cemented ties to Wake Forest - literally
  22. ^Georgia Tech is returning to basketball prominence
  23. Georgia Tech's Jack Respects Tradition
  24. Coach reaffirms commitment to Georgia Tech
  25. ST. JOHN'S- Hewitt insists he's staying in Atlanta
  26. Coach reaffirms commitment to Georgia Tech
  27. Virginia AD to meet with Gillen
  28. Virginia
    should fire Gillen
  29. Littlepage, Gillen continue discussions
  30. Gillen, Littlepage will talk it over
  31. Gillen job still in limbo
  32. Littlepage isn't ready to decide
  33. The Bounce
  34. Give Gillen one more year
  35. NIT performance fuels speculation
  36. Inside Dish- Virginia might want to hang onto Gillen
  37. Is Gillen's talk worth a road
  38. Best guess- UVa to keep men's coach
  39. NIT loss indicative of UVa's season
  1. Favorites wary of round of 16
  2. Syracuse a Surprise Despite Being Champs
  3. Expectations up for Longhorns and the freshmen of '01
  4. Saint Joe's gets to prove its case for a No. 1 seed in front of vocal critic
  5. Eustachy to Take Over at Southern Miss
  6. Orangemen have scrapped their way into semi with Tide
  7. Saint Joseph's players- Billy who-
  8. Kansas product Freije is doing dandy at Vandy
  9. Saint Joe's coach Martelli says opponents are making mistake if they focus on his stars Deacs are on guard Backcourt will be big
  10. NCAA brackets about finance, not geography
  11. Barkley urges Auburn- hire black coach
  12. Commentary- There's nothing like NCAA basketball
  13. Bill Self, Kansas reunited in NCAAs
  14. From a blessing to a curse-
  15. Kansas is sitting in favorable spot
  16. UAB ready to unleash its defense on Kansas
  17. Alabama-Birmingham uses frantic pace to its advantage
  18. New coach, new scheme, same results for Kansas
  19. No snoozin'No losin'
  20. Kansas hopes ink can dry on Final Four shirts
  21. Kansas finally is clearing its hurdles
  22. Sweet Sixteen Showdown- Xavier vs. Texas
  23. Texas men prepare for Xavier
  24. Sweet 16 boosts Xavier athletics' bottom line
  25. Sweet 16 sweethearts
  26. National spotlight shines on Xavier
  27. Texas' time has arrived
  28. Proving Time for St. Joseph's and Syracuse
  29. The Shot Heard Round Birmingham
  30. The Power of Seniors Is Driving Xavier