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Want To Bus To Norfolk For the Women's Regional?

Hey everyone, here's the info you need about Norfolk and the bus trip
from Cameron:

Duke's next game is on Sunday March 28th. There will be a bus leaving
from Cameron at 8:00am. (Yes, it's early.) The prices are a bit steep: the bus
trip is $25, the tickets are $30 (for both of Sunday's games and Tuesday's
regional final; there are no single-game tickets available through Duke).
Duke will play the second game on Sunday.

If Duke wins on Sunday, there will be a bus leaving on Tuesday afternoon
at 2:30 for the 7:00pm game. A meal will be available for an extra eight

According to Donald Wine, student costs are $30 for both games, and they get a free bus ride.

Otherwise, send an email to Shaeeta Williams at by
NOON Wednesday (March 24th) so the ticket office can figure out how many
tickets they need to order. Let's get a big group going to Norfolk!

For more information about the regional check out ODU's home page.