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Now That's More Like It!

We've seen a few interesting columns lately by people who really, really
dislike Duke, and some of them have been pretty offensive. Nothing
wrong with hating Duke per se, of course. It's not everyone's cup of tea,
particularly if you live eight miles away and are blue with jealousy. We
really do understand.

So we
don't have a big issue with Annette Jordan
, who is obviously a bleached-blue
lifer. The pulling-for-Osama-over-Duke is certainly unfortunate, but it's
just an update over the old I'll-pull-for-the-Russians-before-those-SOBs-in
a)Durham or b) Chapel Hill, depending on whether you like your blue full
strength or not. And anyway, it's her e-mail, not ours.

So as people who grew up pulling for the Commies every time they hauled their
sorry red butts into Chapel Hill, we salute you, Anita! We feel your pain!
And yes, it is a good thing ;)