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It did not surprise me at all when I saw your link about The Cleveland Plain-Dea
ler. Your response fits right in with a pattern that I have observed whenever
the media has something negative to say about Duke, you seem to take issue with
it (e.g. Len Elmore’s comments, Lute Olson’s comments, your recent articles on
“Duke hatred”) etc.

It seems to me that you guys are so caught up in Dick Vitale’s hype regarding Duke, that it surprises you when you hear anything negative. You have noted that
the recent anti-Duke articles may be the product of envy, and I do think that it
may explain some of the feelings. However, do you ever stop and think that may
be there is some truth in the negative opinions. For example, is there a coach
who gets away with berating the refs as much as Coach K does? Why do the Camero
n crazies feel that their chants are “clever”, yet similar chants by other teams
toward Duke players are considered “classless” (a term you have used to describ
e Maryland fans)?

Don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of respect for Duke and what it has accomplish
ed. However, it’s the smugness on the part of DBR and some Duke fans (not all)
that creates some of the negative feelings towards your university. For exampl
e, as you are reading this note, chances are that you will consider it just anot
her “incoherent rant from a Maryland or UNC” fan.

My point is that there is a negative view of Duke as you have recognized. Ironi
cally, DBR’s lack of acknowledgement that there may be some truth to the anti-Du
ke sentiments will only perpetuate it.