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A Battle Lost

On Sunday, in the ACC Tournament Finals in Greensboro, the Cameron Crazies lost the battle of the fan.

In the first half, Chris Duhon went diving off court, and bruised his ribs. The Maryland fans showed their class when they supported Chris Duhon the player first by booing the media when they crowded Chris and then by giving him a round of applause when he was escorted off the court. This is what true basketball fans do when a respected opponent is injured.

Unfortunately, it was not reciprocated by the Duke fans later in the game. DJ Strawberry went down with an injury, and the officials signalled for the television time out. The band and the Cameron Crazies started their chant for the Crazy Towel Guy, and he then compounded the shame of the Duke fans by standing up and waving his towel while DJ was getting treatment.

We've criticized Maryland fans for their boorish behavior at past games, but at the ACC Tournament, it was the Maryland fans who behaved like basketball fans, and the Duke fans who were the boors.