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FITS Strikes Again!

Your felicitous FITS hates to miss any NCAA hoop action, but last night he was stirring up a backup martini when a shriek erupted from the living room and the pulchritudinous Mrs.
FITS flapped into the kitchen.

"Come quickly, honey" she exhorted, "they're showing the best Cialis ad I've ever seen. They have a whole team of penises running up and down a basketball court! It's SOOO COOL!!

Juggling olives as he went, your FITSter dashed towards the big Sony, only to find the Texas-UNC game just beginning.

"I don't think that's a Cialis ad, dear," opined your ardent airborne alliterator, "and that's not really a team of penises. Those are the Tarheels of UNC, and for some odd reason they've chosen to shave their heads. I don't think they intended to look like penises, though now that you mention it......"

"Oh yeah, " retorted her loveliness, "and I suppose they just happen to be playing some guys calling themselves the Longhorns?"

"If this game lasts more than four hours, make sure they call a physician" added the medically methodical Mrs. FITS.

FITS is forced to admit that The Missus might just be on to something, though we won't be able to discern the truth until our next visit to Dean's Dead Dome. UNC is always looking for a way to reduce its athletic budget deficit, so we shouldn't be surprised if we find a Cialis banner flying from the rafters next year, hopefully near the beautiful "Third Place NIT" banner which reminds the Tarheel faithful of the good old days in the very distant past.