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Capel Getting Attention From The Bigs

Capel is getting some serious attention
now from bigger schools after his
two-year run at VCU. His name has apparently popped up at
Auburn. Jeff doesn't need our advice, but we really hope he doesn't go to
any SEC school. Consider the schools: Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas,
Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt,
Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Every school listed has had at least some success with basketball, notably
Kentucky of course. And with the exception of Kentucky and Vandy, every
school listed is overwhelmingly a football school.

On the other hand, just off the top of our heads, Kentucky, Alabama, Auburn,
LSU, Florida and Georgia have all had terrible run-ins with the NCAA. It's
not called the dirtiest conference in America for nothing.

And on top of that, with the notable exception of Vandy, pretty much every
school in the SEC has a strong mercenary streak and fires coaches on a regular

So unless you go to Kentucky, where the pressure is immense, or Vandy, where
it's a tough sell, you're coaching at a football school which has a bad history
of NCAA problems and a tendency to pull the trigger quickly on coaches.

The NCAA problems are mostly with football programs, and we should hasten to
add that we'd be absolutely shocked if Jeff Capel ever has a problem with the
NCAA, but who wants to be associated with that sort of an image?

Mike Davis has seen his name mentioned for the Auburn job. He's a
native Alabamian, and might be a good fit. And the Indiana job would be
open. Now there's a job Capel should pursue, should it come