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ACC Roundup

Here's a phrase likely to warm hearts around the ACC:
UNC's last streak.
Pretty much all of them have been broken, with the
notable exception of the 0-for-life streak Clemson has at UNC. It is a
remarkable record of futility (49 straight), which will probably continue tonight, but we wouldn't mark up #50 just
yet. For one thing, both Jackie Manuel and Raymond Felton are question.

Conf. Overall
Duke 12-2 24-3
NC State 10-4 18-7
Wake Forest 9-5 19-6
Georgia Tech 7-7 20-8
North Carolina 7-7 17-8
Florida State 6-9 18-11
Virginia 5-9 15-10
Maryland 5-9 14-11
Clemson 3-12 10-16

Don't get us wrong - UNC is favored, and should be and will probably
win. But consider: 1) Clemson knows they can beat this team; 2) UNC is
ridiculously inconsistent; 3) Clemson has nothing to lose; and 4) Oliver Purnell
is not a guy to believe in streaks. He's tough-minded and even if UNC is
destined to win by 40, he's going to have his guys convinced they can do
it...and that's half the battle.

After being left for dead by most, including us, Todd
Billett has shot UVa back into a possible tournament role
. How cool is
that? They could really use a victory over Wake Forest, and then one over
Maryland would probably clinch it, but that we're even discussing it is amazing.

In Raleigh, Herb
Sendek goes on
with his daytight compartments or whatever he calls them.