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Rob Clough's All-ACC Teams

We'll start with All-Rookie:

Camille Little, UNC
Ivory Latta, UNC
Shante Williams, FSU
Kalika France, Maryland
Brittany Hunter, Duke

Comments: Little, Latta and Williams got most of the publicity, but France
could wind up better than any of that trio. Brittany's showing against NC
State's top frosh Sasha Reaves and Marquetta Dickens clinches her as a
first-teamer in my mind, though Maryland's Shay Doron is every bit as
deserving. Her demotion from a starting jump and one-game suspension was
the deciding factor for me.

First Team All-ACC:

Alana Beard, Duke
Lakeia "Chicken Bone" Stokes, Clemson
Monique Currie, Duke
Camille Little, UNC
Kaayla Chones, NC State

Second Team All-ACC:

Lindsey Harding, Duke
Ivory Latta, UNC
Fallon Stokes, Georgia Tech
La'Tangela Atkinson, UNC
Iciss Tillis, Duke

Third Team All-ACC:

Shante Williams, FSU
Liz Strunk, Wake Forest
Kalika France, Maryland
Tasheika Allen, FSU
Mistie Bass, Duke

Comments: Most of the first team is obvious. The fifth member was the
toughest choice, and I weighed this by stats, value to team and overall
finish of their team. The best teams got greater consideration, other
things being equal. Thus I picked Duke's unsung hero, Mo Currie, for a
first-team slot. Her numbers are solid everywhere: points, rebounds,
assists, steals, blocks, etc. But it's her hustle and ability to fill any
role the team needs for her that gave her the edge over Latta, a great
talent whose low FG% kept her off my first team. Beard will likely be the
only player to be named first team ACC for all four years of her career,
though Little might join her one day. Stokes had a fine season for
Clemson, finally matching her career potential, while Chones has led her
team to a likely NCAA berth with hard work.

I also had Harding highly regarded because she's been a big reason why
Beard has gone off lately. With Lindsey running the team so smoothly and
scoring more, Alana hasn't had to worry about ballhandling as much;
Harding's assist/turnover ratio right now is a spectacular 2.22:1.
Atkinson does it all for UNC, Iciss Tillis had another solid season inside
and out, and F.Stokes was Tech's only big weapon.

Shante Williams had a brilliant frosh season and will likely lead her
team into the WNIT with Allen. Strunk came out of nowhere to become the
ACC's most improved player, and Bass wasn't far behind. France will be a
leader for Maryland for quite some time.

Some honorable mention choices include LaTonya Blue and Brandi Teamer of
Virginia, Shay Doron & Delvonna Oliver of Maryland, Candace Sutton & Leah
Metcalf of UNC & Lauren Bradley & Genesis Choice of Florida State.

Rookie of the Year: Camille Little, UNC

Player of the Year: Alana Beard, Duke

Coach of the Year: Kay Yow, NC State

Comments: Rookie and Player should be self-explanatory. I'll give the
Coach award to Yow, for bringing her team back from the brink of an 0-5
ACC abyss into postseason play. Brenda Frese of Maryland deserves credit
for a likely NCAA appearance way ahead of schedule, while Coach G keeps it
going, year after year.