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Our Picks For The Round Of 32

Okay, after a dismal first round, here are our picks for the next one:

  • Kentucky over UAB. The 'Cats struggled with FAMU, but don't expect
    that to happen again.
  • Kansas vs. Pacific: we were impressed by Pacific in Alaska. They gave Duke
    a tremendous game. We'll go for their second upset.
  • BC vs. Georgia Tech. We'll take Tech. Their first game wasn't
    impressive, but they are a dangerous team.
  • Nevada vs. Gonzaga: the 'Zags.
  • St. Joe's vs. Texas Tech. We know St. Joe's is on a mission.
    We know they don't think they're taken seriously. Unfortunately, they
    lack an inside game, and are up against one of the better defensive coaches
    in history. We think Texas Tech will prevail.
  • Manhattan vs. Wake Forest. Man, this one is tough. We want to
    say Wake, but Manhattan is so impressive. Tough call. We'll stick with
    the ACC, not least of all because of Chris Paul and Justin Gray, both of
    whom are great clutch players.
  • Wisconsin-Pitt. What happened to Pitt agaisnt Central Florida? That
    was ugly! We'll take Wisconsin, just because Pitt stunk it up so badly
    in their first game. Probably a a mistake, though.
  • Memphis vs. Oklahoma State. We'll go with the Cowboys.
  • Duke vs. Seton Hall. We don't usually pick against our guys.
  • Illinois vs. Cincy: We'll go with the Illini.
  • UNC-Texas. Roy Williams has great success against Rick Barnes, but Barnes
    has a lot of size and, we're sure, more depth. Plus Raleigh native P.J.
    Tucker, who is doing a pretty fair Charles Barkley impression, has a point
    to make to UNC, which didn't think he could make it as a 6-5 power
    forward. Longhorns. Will he be guarding Jawad Williams? Interesting
  • Xavier-Miss. State. We'll go with Xavier
  • Stanford-Alabama: We wouldn't be shocked if 'Bama won, but Stanford is a
    sounder team.
  • Syracuse-Maryland: Could be the best game of the day. We have no
    clue. As great as John Gilchrist has been late, though, Jamar Smith
    has been super too. Our feeling is that if you can contain either one,
    Maryland doesn't have enough to overcome it.
  • Vandy vs. N.C. State. ACC!
  • DePaul vs. UConn. we just have this feeling that UConn isn't playing
    great. DePaul is playing pretty well. So we'll ride momentum. Plus, if
    we're not mistaken, DePaul's coach is a former Calhoun assistant. So
    we'll go with the upset here.