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Duke Shoots Past Alabama State

Duke did pretty much what was expected, crushing Alabama State, 96-61 in
their NCAA opener. ASU got a few highlights out of the game, but not much
else. Duke got a fair amount more.

First of all, they got Chris Duhon in the lineup. Though he only played
16 minutes, and didn't score, he did get out there. It was strange to
watch them cut the wrap off of his chest when he came out for the final time.

Secondly, JJ Redick finally got untracked and started hitting some shots,
including a really, really, really long one. Third, Shavlik Randolph had one of his better games, with 20 points and eight
rebounds. And finally, Coach K said after the game that the team played without a sense of pressure for the first time in a while.

You have to keep a sense of perspective about a 1 vs. 16, but there are some
things you can look at and get a good idea of what's what.

First, Duke got to the foul line a lot, going 23-31, compared to 10-17 for

Duke also forced 21 turnovers and outrebounded ASU, 44-17 overall and 16-10
on the offensive boards.

Randolph had an excellent game, as we mentioned, and Deng chipped in
15. Ewing had 19, and Williams added 16 points and nine boards, and only
drew two fouls.

So while you can't draw too much from the opponent, Duke was focused, and
played hard and well.

Although many people expected to see Arizona next, Duke will see Seton Hall,
featuring Duke transfer Andre Sweet, and one of our favorite players, Andre
Barrett, a 5-8 point guard who was seriously interested in Duke until he figured
he'd probably be playing behind Jason Williams.

After trailing Arizona 53-39, with less than 15 minutes left, Barrett led
Seton Hall on a 23-5 run.

6-8, 240 Kelly Whitney, who has a two-year career average of about 6.5 ppg,
went off for 29.

Everyone was pumping a Duke-Arizona game, but that's not going to happen.
However, don't think Seton Hall is a pushover. Andre Barrett is a big, big
reason to be concerned, particularly if Duhon is not 100%. Game time is
1:10 Saturday!