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A Few Tourney Notes

A couple of notes on the tournament so far: First, did you see any of the Air
Force-UNC game? What amazing ball movement! Wow! We were just blown
away by how well those kids moved the ball. They do it as well as anyone
we've ever seen. That coach is going to be so hot before this is over.

Syracuse's Jerry McNamara put on quite a show, going off for 43 points.
Not bad! Jim Boeheim said it was one of the best shooting performances he had even seen.

Did anyone else think UConn should have beaten Vermont by more than 17?
And it's not like they were up by 30 and then slacked off, either.

And did you read Gregg
Doyel's piece on Florida?
There were a lot of people who were upset
when Duke opted for JJ Redick and Sean Dockery over Anthony Roberson and Rashad
McCants. In retrospect, what great insights. We are blessed!