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Thursday's Linkage

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Duke ACC National
Added 3/18/04
  1. Duhon- I'll be ready for first-round game
  2. Duhon ready to go
  3. Madness- Too many 'Generals' in brackets
  4. Blue Devils expected to swat Hornets easily
  5. Duhon's status in question
  6. Wounded
  7. To many fans , the mantra is ' ABD ' - Anybody But Duke
  8. Top-seeded Duke hopes to reign in losses
  9. Tournament
    should be a Devil of a time
  10. Hey, Coach K! Get over it!
  11. Duke against the world-
  12. Give this Devil his due
  13. It was a black day back in '79
  14. 1. Duke vs. 16. Alabama State
  15. Duhon 'moving along,' might play
  16. Duke hopes to set aside late hiccups
  17. ACC's darkest day still haunts
  1. The quest begins
  2. Determined Deacons not on vacation
  3. Deacs seek to end streak
  4. Deacons ready for 'business trip' to RBC Center
  5. Losses stick with Roy
  6. No gloating for Sendek
  7. Georgia Tech seems to have regained its December magic Back on the Track
  8. ACC has been nemesis for Stanford and Pac-10
  9. 'Wild Couple of Weeks'
  10. To be successful, Heels need help from Other Two
  11. North Carolina's goal is to ground Air Force
  12. Bridges- Upsetting Wolpack not impossible
  13. Billet's 3-pointers key Virginia win
  14. Prosser instructs Deacons to fire at will
  15. N.C. State players say that ACC loss to Maryland will serve as motivation
  16. HUNGRY HEELS- UNC returning after a three-year absence
  17. Battle-Tested- Deacs enter NCAA play still looking for defense
  18. Tar Heels face exact opposite
  19. Deacs won't dwell on past
  20. Sleeper pick may awaken just in time
  21. Red-hot Terps turn focus to UTEP, NCAAs
  22. Terps fans can dare to dream of Elite 8
  23. Garrison- still a soft touch outside, but tougher inside
  24. Center draws attention back home
  25. Follow the Leader
  26. Time for ACC to put up or shut up
  27. For Terrapins, ACC Title Is Letter Perfect
  28. ACC rules with five teams in top 16
  29. It's
    a new basketball season
  30. Heels finally are getting in the spirit
  31. N.C. State to profit from hosting NCAA
  32. Rose regrets making call
  33. Manuel will start for Tar Heels
  1. Capel shows he is capable
  2. Capel 'grateful' for the adversity he faced
  3. Dascenzo- Capel shall overcome
  4. ADDED THRILL- 49ers' Lutz to match wits with legend Knight
  5. Billy's Alibis
  6. Philly Buzz- St. Joseph's is toast of the town
  7. Kentucky Omens
  8. Hoosiers at Home
  9. Another Shot- ETSU hopes to make some noise
  10. Preparing Penalties
  11. Search for Coach Begins
  12. Good
    Man, Bad Ending
  13. Hoyas
    Can Be Programmed For Success Again
  14. A Coach Whose Time Had Come
  15. For UTEP, the Big Break Came Fast
  16. Tournament unmatched in sports
  17. Cole- Harrick paid cash
  18. NIT- One and done for UGA
  19. Alphabet soup of Tourney info
  20. DePaul's Seals suspended for Dayton game
  21. NIT- Snubbed Utah State upset by Hawaii 85-74
  22. DePaul's Seals suspended for Dayton game
  23. No One Pretends Gonzaga Is the Little Guy Anymore
  24. On Flapping Wings and a Prayer at St. Joseph's
  25. Gonzalez Deserves Right to Be Ambitious
  26. What to look for in March Madness 2004