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Assorted Women's Links

Some good stuff for y'all today: a transcript of an interview between Chris Duhon and Alana Beard. The
seniors from the Sportman's Paradise talk about their Louisiana roots,
their fame on campus, playing in Cameron and even a little trash talk
about playing one-on-one. Check out this quote from Chris: "When it comes
to basketball, I don't care if you're girl, boy, dog, cat. I just want to

Our pal Dave Dixon of The Devil's Den has a great feature up on senior
walk-on Kalita Marsh. Kalita grew up a Duke fan and has been
attending Duke-UNC women's games for over a decade, so her chance to make
the roster this year has been a dream come true for her. This is a smart,
wonderful young woman and I'm delighted that Coach G gave her an

Lastly, here's a link from the Washington Post on Duke's resident
bad-ass, Monique Currie, and an in-depth feature on Duke from Nancy Lieberman, who gets most of the facts right for