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Another Pool for DBR Readers

Sent to us by a long-time reader and friend of DBR:

We're having our second annual bracket competition at SportsAngle, and I thought that I'd offer it to DBR and its readers considering that all of us at the site are obviously Duke fans, and I figure that some of the Duke community may be interested. Like last year, it's free to enter, and the prizes include a personalized mug for the winner, and other prizes for the runners-up including a Nike basketball, fitted hats, and wristbands. In addition, we do a little feature on our top four finishers on the site. Details are all on the site. The link for the contest is:

If you want to use it, that's great. It's up to you guys. Besides that, let's just hope stuff works out despite having the toughest bracket. It's not as bad as I thought it was on my initial look. I'm not crazy about potentially playing Arizona in the second round, but it's not like we're playing last year's Arizona instead of this year's inconsistent version. I am, however, a little concerned about the possibility of Illinois in the third round, and we'll have a tough battle to get into the Final Four with whoever comes out. Regardless of all of that, it's a great time to be a Duke fan, as it is every March.