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Terps Are Brilliant; Perhaps Best Comeback In Tourney History

We are the furthest things from Maryland fans, but if you can't respect what
they did on Saturday, and be stirred by it, you can't really say you love
basketball. That comeback was absolutely amazing and is destined to become
ACC Tournament legend. We're trying to remember anything remotely like it,
and we can't think of a tournament game close to that. Maybe the closest
thing is the Duke comeback a few years ago from 17 down to UNC, but that was at
Duke. Kentucky came back from what - 25 down against LSU in the Pitino

Then again, there is the Duke Final Four comeback against Maryland, but that
was a steadier, grind-it-out comeback. For sheer ferocity, for pure force
of will, this one will be hard to top, and Maryland fans have every right to be
proud of their team. It will probably go down in history as the greatest
comeback in tournament history, even if it wasn't the biggest - and we're
guessing it probably is. And regardless of what happens Sunday, and after,
it's a building block for a still very young team.