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Ol' Roy Hates The ACC Tourney

it was Roy Williams, saying he didn't give a - oh, wait, he said that about UNC
- but that he
wasn't enamored with the ACC Tournament
. The Winston-Salem paper has a
link up which is broken, saying that - surprise - the
Williams-who-won-a-national-championship doesn't like it either.

precisely the wrong attitude - not because we're chauvinists - and we are - but
because it's defeatist and does nothing to get you ready. Ol' Roy's
suggestion to his team that "[s]ince we have to go play, let's play our
absolute best. Let's go up there and prepare to be willing to make the
sacrifices to win the whole thing."

Not exactly Pattonesque, is it?

for Gary, it's about what you expect, part and parcel of how the entire state of
North Carolina screws Maryland athletics. Whatever.

Both attitudes
set you up for failure. It's really too bad.