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Next Up - UVa

Even though the play-in game wasn't a thing of beauty, it was probably
one of the better play-in games to come along. Virginia continues a late
season guttiness which is impressive. Pete Gillen might not survive, but
it's his team, and if he gets the criticism, then he gets credit, too. UVa
has done a really nice job lately. Duke will be favored and should be, but
it's not the same Virginia team we saw a while back. This team has a
heart. Playing about 14 hours after the last game will be tough, as will beating
Duke, but it's not the same bunch we saw before.

TJ Bannister has made them a
much better team, Devin Smith is an inspiration, and Todd Billett has been
amazing in the clutch. They were dead in the water, and now they have at
least the potential of an NCAA bid in sight. They probably have to beat
Duke to guarantee it, so you know they will come out focused and ready.
There's no question who is expected to win this game, but basketball is funny:
get a little momentum, and you never know.