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Latest Projected Seedings

Sportsline has the latest tourney seeding guesstimate
posted, and there are
some interesting matchups, as always.

Top Seeds:

  • St. Joe's
  • Stanford
  • Miss. State
  • Duke

Sportsline has Jeff Capel's VCU as a 13 seed, which is good, but playing
Wake, which is not so good. On the other hand, the other 4 seeds are
Cincinnati, Providence, and Wisconsin. Well, never mind the other
hand. They got the toughest 4 seed in this projection.

On the other
hand, Capel has some institutional knowledge of Wake since his dad was an
assistant there.

Duke's regional (South), by this speculation, could be worse:
on Duke's side of the bracket: 16 unnamed, Alabama, Dayton, Memphis, East
Tenn. State, Providence, and Manhattan.

The other side features
Arizona, DePaul, Texas, Lousiana-Lafayette, Boston College, some team from
College Park, Kentucky, and Valparaiso.

Playing Texas again might
not be ideal, but they'd have to survive Kentucky, and the Wildcats are a very,
very good team, with emphasis on the word team.

Tech would be in the East,
with a potentially dangerous opponent in UTEP. Why dangerous? Because the
coach has done a brilliant job, because UTEP always thinks it can be great
because it has been great, and because Tech is still inconsistent at times.

is in the same regional, with a first-round matchup with the owner of their
borrowed offense, Princeton. Wow! Having watched Princeton once this
year, we'll tell you: they ain't chopped liver.

UNC would be out
West, playing LSU in the opener, then probably Wisconsin. They would have a
clear path to the regional semis, where Stanford would await, assuming they
could get past Seton Hall. Gonzaga is in the bottom half, and we'd take them to
win this regional.

One note - you may think that CBS has inside info, but they
don't. Having been around the process in a limited way, we can tell you
that no one gets it until it's done. So the brackets posted here
are, indeed, entirely hypothetical.