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ACC Roundup

One of the cooler things about the ACC Tournament is seeing North Carolina
kids get giddy about it. No knock on Chris Duhon, or Kyle Visser, or Sean
May or anyone else, but we
absolutely love Chris Paul's reaction to his first tournament.
We can
totally identify with it as well.

And according to the Richmond paper, the
decision to can Pete Gillen was made last month
and will not be reversed
unless Gillen either makes the NCAA or makes a really solid run in the NIT.

Hey, UVa: looking for a rising young star to re-invigorate your
program? Start
in Richmond!

Here's an
article about Maryland's John Gilchrist
, who had a pretty good first year as
the Terps point guard.

An MIT writer argues that UNC and Kansas have
both been disappointments this season.

Paul Hewitt says that his team has
to avoid a slow start
against UNC in their ACC Tournament opener.
Being that this is the last traditional ACC Tournament, it'll be interesting to
see what comes next
We're trepidatious. One of the biggest problems will
be ticket allocation. With three more schools to cut in, it'll be a mess,
and a lot of feelings will get hurt, starting next year in Washington's MCI
Center, which has less seats to go with more demand.

And just how many will get in, and
how will they do?
We mean the national tournament, of course.

The Baltimore Sun, once home to H.L. Mencken, has an article up saying that Maryland
has their second wind

In Raleigh, State thinks they have managed to work around Scooter Sherrill's
injury and that
they're ready for a good run.
State has a
wonderful history
in the ACC Tournament, for those of you who aren't that
familiar with the history of State hoops.

Here's a longish article on the
enigmatic Rashad McCants
, which reveals more about him than