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DBR's First Basketball Ticket Endorsement Of The Campaign Season

The time has come to start issuing our election year basketball ticket
endorsements. In case you missed this last time out, we always endorse
whoever is most likely to love the game we love, and therefore to support it
while in office.

We will do so gradually, as we learn more about the various races, but we
will start at the top, because we know the remaining candidates well.

We will not endorse George W. Bush, because he is clearly a baseball man -
always has been, always will be. He has no discernible interest in
America's real game.

As far as we know, the only sports-related comment John F. Kerry has made in
a while was to say, "New England of course. What do you expect?" when
asked about the Super Bowl.

By contrast, John Edwards has been pretty up-front about his passion for
basketball, and more particularly, ACC basketball. Yes, he told a
Washington paper he "hated Duke" and that he liked Clemson, UNC, and
State equally. What a lie! No one would believe that crock, and
anyone who did deserves to pull for Clemson in basketball and UNC in football.

However, he does know how to spell Krzyzewski, and he does understand our
passion for the game.

But more to the point, we just found out that he is the bravest candidate
left. Yes, John Kerry was shot at. Yes, Bush took on Al-Qaeda. But
Edwards has gone them one better: He's campaigning with Charles Barkley.

Is he nuts?

Barkley's worse than Larry David for saying whatever springs to mind, and a
lot funnier, too.

Given all these factors together, the only clear member of the basketball
ticket running for President is John Edwards, and so he gets our endorsement and
support as he runs for God, Country, and, we fervently hope, man to man defense,
the return of the jump ball, and preservation of the hook shot!